Over the past 40 years, Gallup Korea established the newest records in social research area through the most extensive experiences.

Gallup Korea, a specialized research company with the greatest number of interviews, the highest brand awareness and the most frequently quoted by the press, is ready to help you to make a proper decision by providing accurate and objective social researches.

Gallup Korea accurately predicted the outcomes of the presidential elections in 1987, 1992, 1997, 2007, and 2012, of the local elections in 1995 and 1998, and of the National Assembly election in 1996. Especially in the 1997 presidential election, our prediction was recorded as the most accurate with an error of 0.4%P, which is unprecedented in the history of election predictions.

Since 1987 when the presidential election was reinstated, there have been six presidential elections and the Gallup Korea’s forecasts have been continuously successful with only 1.8% points deviation in average.

For more insights on the South Korean elections and Gallup Korea’s historic records in the prediction and hit of the six presidential elections please refer to the attached pdf version of the article. Download PDF.

Since 1979, Gallup Korea has conducted an index tracking survey on Korean politics and economics with the same questionnaire, and has released the results to the press. Gallup Korea's decades-long Politico-economic index Economic Index is acknowledged as the record of the changes in Korean society through being quoted most frequently by domestic and foreign press, companies and academia.

Gallup Korea initiated a tracking survey on the president's popularity in Feb. 1988 and has been conducting it for 4 successive presidents. Gallup Korea will steadily record the Korean history onwards.
Around 60 Gallup International members including Gallup Korea have conducted the 'End of Year Poll' at the end of every year to understand general public's attitudes towards the subsequent year. For the 'End of Year Poll', in which we have participated since 1979. Gallup Korea has conducted a survey with the 1,500 randomly selected persons by a face-to-face interview every December. The results can be called as Koreans' history book and diary which Gallup Korea has summarized. We will make a minute of Korean's thought continuously.


- Citizen Satisfaction
- Public Attitudes toward Administration Service
- Administration Service Monitoring
- Channel Behavior
- Channel Competition
- User Lifestyle Analysis
- Daejong Award/ Hall of Fame Survey
- Film Index & Film Marketing Survey
- Music Camp/ Top 10 Singers Survey
- Pre-and-post Election Campaign Survey
- Candidates' Popularity Poll